When We Kiss

it's like God walking into the room

22 February 1985

Who?? +
Nickname: Tifa
Age: 26
Occupation: writer/student
Pets: none right now :(
Entry Titles: Names of songs I'm listening to while writing my posts.
Favorites: Batman & Robin, dogs & cats, anime, superheros movies, rpgs (video games), Final Fantasy games (7 & 10 mostly), music, singing, supernatural and fantasy books, movies, tv shows, comics and so on, Darren Hayes, Shia Labeouf, Star Trek 2009, some slashing, Harry Potter (the books; don't like the movies much), Dragon Age, my cats [Icarus (RIP), Robin, and Quinn (who are now with dad)], The SevenWaters series by Juliet Marillier, The Pern series by Anne McCaffrey (Dragon Song being the favorite), and Percy Jackson and the Olympians . . . oh and Ella Enchanted was my favorite as a child. The Dark Powers, forgot to add that.

Friends Only:
Comment to be added. Just want to make sure that the people I friend are real. Plus it'd be nice to know how you found me and something about yourself.

Fandom +
I slash quite a bit, but I also have het couples I like too. Because there are just some characters that I don't see as being gay.

Fandoms I'm really into at the moment-
McCoy/Kirk (Star Trek 2009)
Naruto/Gaara (Naruto)
Taichi/Daisuke (Digimon Adventures) [writing for more than reading]
Renzou/Rin (Blue Exorcist) [like the fanart; haven't read any fanfiction]
Blaise/Harry (Harry Potter)
Harry Potter crossovers~
Kon/Tim (newest OTP)

Long time favorites
Seifer/Squall (Final Fantasy VIII)
Tidus/Yuna (Final Fantasy X)
Draco/Harry (Harry Potter) [now; only if I'm bored]
Yamato/Taichi (Digimon Adventures) [use to run a yahoo group]
Heero/Relina (Gundam Wing)
Fuuma/Kamui (X 1999)
Reading & Listening To +
Wizard's First Rule
The Last Olympian
Blue Exorcist
Batman comics (teen titans, nightwing, catwoman, and so on)

Darren Hayes (my favorite~)
Britney Spears
Monty Are I
Inon Zur
Weezer, Katy Perry, & more here~
Watching & Playing +
True Blood (season 4)
White Collar (season 3)
Teen Wolf (waiting for S2)
Supernatural (finished S6)
The Glade (season 2)
Psych (season 4)
Persona 4
And - One Piece, Usagi Drop, Gosick, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2, Fairy Tail, Gintama

Dragon Age 2 (big fan~)
Persona 4
Final Fantasy X (replaying for the 10+ time)
Criss Core

Other Places +
Media Community
Graphics(make all my own headers and banners)
Dragon Age 2 Community

Outside of LJ-
MyAnimeList profile (use this all the time)
Last.fm profile

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